“Try it on Everything!”
— EFT founder, Gary Craig

EFT Tapping Points ~

1) side of the hand

2) eyebrow

3) side of the eye

4) under the eye

5) over the lip

6) under the lip

7) collar bone

8) under the arm

9) top of the head

What exactly is Tapping?

Tapping is a healing modality that stimulates the energy meridian points in your body.   The energetic meridians addressed in tapping (EFT) have been used in healing modalities for thousands of years.  The process is easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone.  After thousands of years of studying our body’s energy pathways, we now know that imbalances, or blockages, in the flow of energy can result in both emotional and physical difficulties. There are many different types of Energy Therapies but tapping the meridian points is unique because it essentially is an Energy Psychology.

This is such a handy, easy to use, mobile, effective healing technique!  The fact is, I use EFT for myself and my clients. This  and a "portable" version to my clients and we get GREAT results.   Through the years I have experienced many breakthroughs with this work.  I only use modalities that have a proven track record and produce relief, growth and breakthroughs.  Have a read and then get started.  I've included an easy exercise below and on the next page.  I've also included diagrams with the tapping points.  When we meet in person we can address the beliefs specific to you but for now, go ahead and get started.  This easy, hands on work that can help you now!  

De-Charging Energetic Connections... 

In order to de-charge an energetic condition we need to draw direct attention to the problem.  When we address a condition "AS IS" we are creating awareness around it.  The awareness alone weakens the inconvenient belief my friends.  Think about how much energy it takes to push down or resist or ignore or suppress whatever it is that is bothering you.  As I am writing this I can feel the pressure around the resistance.  We DO NOT want to hold onto this or keep it hidden away it will just create problems psychologically for you later on.  Addressing something directly is an immediate opportunity to let it go.  Just the intention alone is a step in the right direction.  Couple that with coaching and tapping and you have a winning formula.  We don't even need to know the specifics to get the charge out of something.  Say for instance you just simply tap on fear - just allowing fear to dissipate for the moment so your body can do the healing it wants to do.  We can then defuse our resistance and slowly you will get under the actual belief - this is what I call  DEEP DIVING and when you deep dive you get underneath the belief and it has no choice but to dissipate.  It's a beautiful thing and so easy to try and it has great dividends.  "try it on everything" is what Gary Craig (founder of EFT) said and I have to agree!   

Exercise & Steps

  • Close your eyes and focus on the condition your are experiencing

  • Rate your condition from 1-10 (10 being the most intense)

  • While tapping on the karate chop spots on the outside of one hand, use the following script

    • Even though I have this issue ___________________________ and there is a part of me doesn’t want to let this go I choose to deeply love and accept myself, just as I am.” Repeat this or variations of this 2-3x

  • Focus on the sensation/condition in your body - paying close attention to the way you are feeling and begin your tapping sequence (see my diagram at the top of the page)

  • Keep your eyes open and speak your truth out loud, to acknowledge and release as you tap.

  • When you have done 2-3 rounds you can now test your results. If you are satisfied with your results you can stop if not you can continue with another round

This is an un-layering process so give it time and be patient with yourself..Just because you get over a condition doesn't mean your have dismantled the belief - which is the ultimate goal.  

  • Change your Set-up statement to include your condition "AS IS' now for expample;

    • "even though I still have pain, I totally & completely love, accept & forgive myself or anyone who may have helped caused this"

    • "This remains pain, I am ready to let this go now, it is time and I am ready..." (make up what works for you, trust yourself you can do this) PS. I love face time tapping sessions - so set up an apt with me and I'll coach you through this till you get the hang of it.

  • Now repeat the tapping sequence again for 2-3 rounds and see where you are at. Chances are you will have emotions come up. Just work through them. Most likely they will pass through you and you will come out of this having some if not a lot of relief.

    • the goal is to get you below a 3 on our scale of 1-10 so stick to it.

    • More dialogue can be; “I now choose to fully heal this issue, and I totally and completely love and accept myself.

More tips;

  • Put yourself in a safe beautiful environment

  • Turn off all distracting things ie: cell phone, tv, music

  • Remove jewelry and wear comfy clothing

  • Drink plenty of filtered water

  • Practice every day ~ stick with it

  • Fine tune your set-up statements

  • Be patient with yourself this is a process

  • Love yourself no matter what :-)

Tapping Resources:

www.thetappingsolution.com Nick Ortner’s wonderful resource of all things related to tapping.

The Unseen Therapist  (free EBook): https://www.emofree.com/unseen-therapist/prelim/read-this-first.html

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www.tappingthematrix.com Rob Nelson in Santa Rosa, California offers Level 1 and 2 Practitioner

trainings, as well as Matrix Re-imprinting trainings, certification