Goddess Events


Holding a space for beautiful, powerful, smart women to come together to nurture themselves and support each other.

“My favorite part was feeling so welcomed with ladies I hadn’t met before-and the SMELLS!!! Sage, oils, the wood! Oh my!! I have never felt so empowered to let go of negative emotions! To say “goodbye!” And be at peace knowing it’s OK to release the tension and negativity!”

Who’s a Goddess…?

Goddess events are for all occasions. I have created and facilitated these amazing workshops/events for as few as 6 people and up to 50. From a personal intimate birthday celebration to a corporate leadership retreat.


Simply email me with an idea and we will have a consultation on the phone or in person and create a concept together for your event. In ou r second meeting we will outline all the details including; dates, space, activities & staffing. Please allow enough time for planning. Our goal is to make this a positive and memorable success for you and for your goddesses!

Book an appointment: pattit4me@gmail.com