Space Blessings & Home Healings


Energetically de-clutter your space making room for the glorious and effortless flow of energy, joy, health & abundance.    (Space Blessings & Home Healings) 


  1. Clean & tidy your space
  2. Put things away
  3. Sweep/vacuum your floors
  4. Close all windows and doors
  5. Be ready to open all cupboards, drawers and closets
  6. Clear out under and around beds & furniture for safe maneuvering during treatment
  7. Establish a comfortable gathering space for us to prepare together - Tea is always ideal
  8. Set aside time to bath, meditate, journal after
  9. Book an “Optimal Flow Consultation” for directly after (optional see *below for benefits)


***An “Optimal Flow Consultation” is ideal directly after your home healing session. At this point I will have taken a very detailed inventory of your space and be ready to make some powerful recommendations for you moving forward.  We could also schedule this for up to one week post your SB session.


I will begin with a short connected circle and prayer. I will then explain the protocol, materials and sequence of activities.  Each member will be assigned a fun job.  Whomever is physically in the space must participate.  We will then begin at the front entrance, circulate throughout the space and return to the entrance again. I will gather you all in a closing circle of gratitude, reflection and intention.


"I reached out to Patti just after moving my family into our new home.  I wanted us to clear out old energy and take over the space.  Patti came over with her “Home Healing Kit" created just for us.  It was full of custom blended aromatherapy sprays, a beautiful hearty bunch of sage, sea salts infused with rose petals and essential oils, a great music playlist and a special candle.  Patti has such a relaxed fun way about her and was able to recruit my children and husband to participate.  She explained the profound process of "Home Healing" and the benefits of letting go for beauty and strength to come through and then gave us all a job to do.  It was really fun.  She handed us instruments, candles, singing bowls, salts and more.  She even made a custom blended "sweet dreams spray” for my little one so he felt empowered at bedtime.  I really recommend you reach out to Patti and have her create this beautiful ritual for anyone moving into a new home or office.  After we were finished it really felt like OUR HOME!   It set us up for a great house warming party.  Even our real estate broker mentioned how different the house felt compared to when we first bought it.    Besides being fun and effective Patti's "Home Healing" gave us a very special memory we will cherish for years to come."   J.A. ~ Director/Producer Hollywood, CA
"We rented our house out for a couple of years so when we returned it felt kind of strange. It was our house but it didn’t really feel like “our” house. Patti suggested a home healing to reclaim our space. She came over with all the supplies needed and wrangled the whole family to take part in the event, including our two year old son - now that takes talent!!! Her fun and spirited manner helped clear the old to bring in new, positive energy. Thanks, Patti! We couldn’t have done it without you."     Alex ~ Writer/Hollywood, CA

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