5 steps to MMH’s (Miracle Making Habits);

1) Make your MMH so so tiny that it would be hard to say no to for example take a deep breath every hour on the hour - easy!

2) Incrementally increase your habit but in the smallest way possible. For example when I encourage de-cluttering I only ask you to initially keep a paper bag by the front door to donate at the end of the week. Throughout the week, as you encounter items around your house that you are ready to let go of, put them in the bag. It’s so easy and usually 2 bags leave the house by the end of the week. Shhhh…don’t tell your ego how easy this is, she may get ruffled.

3) As you build your new MMH keep it manageable. For example if cleaning off your desk every day is your goal then start with a tiny task like …putting all pens and pencils in a pencil holder or into the top drawer of your desk. Simple right? Now after a week or so of accomplishing this, pat yourself on the back. You are now ready for a bigger task. Set a goal for example of clearing off your desk for 5-15 minutes a day. Keep it simple and manageable. When you have accomplished this additional task we can agree your task is now bigger yet still simple. Its time for step 2…Divide the task into two tasks as it grows. First task, putting pencils away. Second task ,(just an example) checking off your todo list (i love that one) or maybe a bit of filing or shredding. By starting small you get to experience the success of your intention and commitment.

Now you are cooking. Again, keep your ego at bay because this is very simple and might ruffle her feathers:-) Gently add on as you feel inspired. Inspired action is the key! For example, going through the mail or creating a little box for stamps and self addressed envelopes or decluttering a drawer for 5-10minutes. And again, when the time feels right simply break down this larger task into two more tasks 1) clearing your desk 5-10min day 2) going through mail 5-10min day. These repeated tasks are now turning into positive habits in your life.

4) When you fall off the wagon, so what! Get back to it quickly. After all it’s a sheet of paper people. Just print another one. We’re not in this to beat ourselves up we are in this to win.

5) Be patient but firm with yourself. Along with that very good idea, grab yourself a partner or accountable group to build this amazing life you are up to! Hey, you may want a coach:-) turns out I’m available!

Resources & Reading


check out James Clears work; https://jamesclear.com/identity-based-habits




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1) click the form & download / print your sheet

2) use the top row to fill in your chosen MMH (Miracle Making Habits)

3) put an “X” or a little * sticker in the grid each day as you accomplish your goals.

4) The beauty of this is the colors are matched up to the chakra’s in the body (https://blog.mindvalley.com/7-chakras/) so choosing at least one MMH/column/color is a favorable way to go. And even a single attempt at a new MMH will produce positive results in ones life. However, A full on integration would be the most favorable approach.

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