DE-Clutter & Organize

Patti T. is a DE-clutter expert and professional organizer.   She utilizes 20+ years of experience and a variety of healing modalities to facilitate breakthroughs. Her intuitive approach is creative and effective.  She is the creator and facilitator of "Miracle Making Habits" and "Outrageous Woman" workshops designed to maximize on personal growth and create effective, healthy results.  

De-cluttering, organizing and positive habits have proven positive effects on and individuals success and well being.  Your inner experience reflects your outer world and getting your space clear and systems in order will leave you less stressed, focused, happy and with a whole lot more energy.  CLUTTER DRAINS YOUR VITALITY.  Once you get through your blocks and let go of useless limited clutter, the things you habitually and unconsciously carry on your back day-in and day-out will fall away and you will truly get to live your best life.

The foundation of Patti's coaching is based on the her research in CST (craniosacral therapy) and the architectural structure of Myofacial tissue in the body and how it stores trauma & stories.  Through creative coaching and other key modalities, such as TAPPING (EFT)on the energy meridians in the body old programming and trauma are released.  Letting go of old "stuff" creates a new "way of being". This new way of being is present, powerful and effective.

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