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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela


Patti’s organizing and design work has changed our lives!  Our playroom went from a giant toy closet to a usable, enjoyable room that has become everyone’s favorite place to hang out.  Patti convinced us to purge unwanted and unneeded items and then organized the items we decided to keep in an extremely accessible way - even our 4 and 6 year old girls can find what they need.  Patti helped us choose custom and store-bought decor that is fun and whimsical, but still very practical.  After she finished the playroom we enlisted Patti to take on our scary garage - which was filled to the brim.  Again she worked magic and made the garage a place where we can easily access whatever we need.  I wasn’t even dreading looking for the camping gear this year!  I would recommend Patti’s organizing and designing to anyone needs a helping hand.      

TC (Speech Therapist)  &  AC (Writer) / Los Angeles,CA
Patti has helped my husband and i tackle our quest for an organized home. We had been feeling like our space was swallowing us up with clutter, an abundance of clothes, paperwork, and unneeded “stuff”. From day one of our journey with Patti, we felt understood, trusting, and confident that she would do a great job at helping us make our home a more purposeful, functioning and peaceful place to be. We can’t say it was always easy “clearing the clutter”, as parting with things that you feel “connected” to for one reason or not, but knowing you don’t “need” it anymore, can be tough. However, Patti would talk us through it, asked us to breathe, slow down if need be and stay focused. We never felt rushed or pressured to make decisions. The main thing she helped us with (next to clearing the clutter), was developing “systems”: new ways or behavior towards handling day to day tasks and tidying. Who knew a labeled sock drawer or a purse hook in the closet could bring you so much happiness? We look forward to having Patti continue with what she calls our “maintenance” schedule, where she will be coming over every month or so to help us stay focused, motivated and empowered!!”

A. Smith (Hair Stylist /Beverly Hills, CA)
Patti, is to say the least, a gift of inspiration and motivation! When I find myself stuck, I know that with a quick consultation with her, the wheels will get back in motion. Whether it is looking at my home and work space with a pair of fresh eyes that can see possibilities which are unclear to me, or jump-starting a project I have been hesitant on beginning, which either intimidates or overwhelms me — the message is YES!! Always a yes, anything is possible, everything is possible…let’s just get started one step at a time. To have that cheerleader, that guide, that knowledge, that assurance, is truly more valuable to me than words can say!”

KA (Location Coordinator ) / Pacific Palisades, CA
Patti was a godsend. I was in my 9th month of pregnancy with darling daughter number 3 and moving. Some may call me a professional mover, I’ve moved 12 times in 15 years. But I’ve never had help. Now I can’t imagine doing it without the help of a professional!! Patti came into my home and organized and packed my kids playroom. She sorted through broken and outgrown toys, books and either took it to donate or put unusable things in trash and took the test to our new home. When things arrived at our new home she went in on her own and organized the kids playroom. She was proactive and in-tune to my families needs. Her work exceeded my expectations. And I cannot imagine having made the move without her. I think her professionalism coupled with her being a mother helped her grasp concepts for family on an intuitive level. She helped manage the move and kept it organized and manageable. She was pleasant, patient and the right amount of pushy for the job!!”

Julie (Real-Estate Investor & Mother) / Los Angeles, CA
….My work with Patti was unexpected and extremely rewarding. Her approach to de-cluttering is direct and long lasting. I found myself very open to the suggestions she made regarding letting go of “stuff” in order to clear space and allow myself to be stronger and my life to be bigger. After speaking with Patti for only a brief conversation, and at Patti’s suggestion, I sorted though a storage locker that I had been hesitant to empty—upon doing so I realized that much of the material things I had been holding onto could be released. Once I purged the items to which I had been attached, I discovered a new sense of freedom and realized that my stuff had been holding me back. Patti’s help made a profound difference for me.”

Shanon (Marketing Director & PR Expert) / Malibu, CA
…I just honestly didn’t have the time to organize my classroom. My priority is my 3 children and with my hectic work schedule the last thing I wanted to do was separate out arts and craft supplies, games, text books and office supplies. Patti brought her compassion and years of experience. We talked about my needs as a teacher - in the classroom both immediate long term and she got to work designating my space and setting up systems. She created areas where my students can be self sufficient and help run their own classroom in addition to gentle boundaries and areas that are just for me, where I keep my supplies and private paperwork. She encouraged me to keep things I could possibly need in the future and we discarded any clutter or items that were of no use whatsoever. I can honestly say the systems Patti created 5 years ago are still working. I look forward to her maintenance visits where we fine tune and update for my current needs. The de-cluttering and organization in my classroom has given me more time to work with my priorities, my students! The children can now efficiently access what they need in an timely fashion and we have an added a sense of calm to the many activities we tackle each day.”

Ms. Hartel ~ 5th/6th Grade teacher / Glendale Unified School District, CA
Patti gently yet firmly helped me transform my bulging closets into stream-lined, organized spaces; a task I could not have done on my own. She compassionately helped me weed out mounds of clothes, shoes, handbags and more! We divided them in- donate, discard and keep sections. She encouraged me to try on pieces to ensure the best choice was being made for items that were causing me stress at the thought of letting them go. She taught me invaluable techniques on how to maintain the systems she implemented. Neatly labeled drawers, winter/summer season storage bins, and new methods for folding are just a few of the things she left me with to keep me organized. Getting dressed in the morning and putting outfits together is a much more pleasurable experience when you can finally find what you are looking for! Patti is truly a visionary! A bonus to getting my closets organized was her great idea to convert my old RV into a guest room. She inspired me to breathe life back into a forgotten resource and make it useful again. Patti’s nurturing and insightful ways made a stressful task much easier to tackle. It has been over 3 years since Patti helped me change my outlook on clutter. I went from not being able to find anything to enjoying a well-organized space. I can’t thank her enough!!
I reached out to Patti just after moving my family into our new home. I wanted us to clear out old energy and take over the space. Patti has such a relaxed fun way about her and was able to recruit my children and husband to participate. She explained the profound process of “Home Healing” and the benefits of letting go for beauty and strength to come through and then gave us all a job to do. It was really fun. She handed us instruments, candles, singing bowls, salts and more. She even made a custom blended “sweet dreams spray” for my little one so he felt empowered at bedtime. I really recommend you reach out to Patti and have her create this beautiful ritual for anyone moving into a new home or office. After we were finished it really felt like OUR HOME! It set us up for a great house warming party. Even our real estate broker mentioned how different the house felt compared to when we first bought it.”

JR ~ Director/Producer Hollywood, CA
We rented our house out for a couple of years so when we returned it felt kind of strange. It was our house but it didn’t really feel like “our” house. Patti suggested a home healing to reclaim our space. She came over with all the supplies needed and wrangled the whole family to take part in the event, including our two year old son - now that takes talent!!! Her fun and spirited manner helped clear the old to bring in new, positive energy. Thanks, Patti! We couldn’t have done it without you.”

AD~ Writer/Hollywood, CA”

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